It is often the case that we look at everything in terms of ourself. This is the view that is habitual. But is this reality?

If we fail to suffer with everybody else who is suffering. People who are different. People with different cultures, language, traditions and religion then we need to question our humanity.

If they have no rights then do I deserve rights. If they have no place in the world, then I should question my place in the world and not be caught by being a hypocrite with double standards.

If I cannot do even this simple thing then I am lost and hope for humanity dims. We are all accountable. After all we are in the same boat.



How do we deal with regrets?

Regrets are a part of life. What is there is there.

The universe is kind and generous. Once in a long while it wipes the slate clean globally.

When that happens, we need to make the most of it. Free up our hearts and heads and make the most of this opportunity to start all over again. Anew. With gratefullness.

Forgiveness. It is not what we deserve. Just happens. Just is.

Chinese proverb

If we don’t change the direction we are headed, we will end up where we are going.

– Chinese proverb

Hence the importance of self awareness. We need to see ourself. Understand everything that is going on inside. Seeing is the key. This is kindness to self. After seeing what we choose to do next is up to us.

Most likely if we can see, really see then there is hope for a change for the better.

You cannot undo something that has happened. You cannot take back words that have been said. What you can do is not to repeat the vicious pattern of behaviour that gets us stuck in a rut. Break out. Break free Cultivate self mastery.

As long as we have self mastery then hope exists. Not all is lost.


There is no competition. The need to grow and keep growing to infinity and beyond is a human construct. The reality is that if I win someone looses. The bigger picture is that it is a zero sum gain.

All we need to do is to take enough for our needs. We do not need much. It is not possible to own the world.

We need to learn what true happiness and contentment means. What is the true value of things, of life?

Everyone seems to engage in the mindless activity of chasing our own tails. It goes no where. We only end up hurting ourself and everybody.

What is IS.

When something happens to me I must not internalize and beat myself up over it. No need for self hate. I must also not externalize and beat someone else up over it. It is not necessary to put others down.

All I need to do is to face it and deal with the problem.

Taste of life

Things fall apart. They always have and they always will. It is in their nature. What is. Is.

We cannot fight it.

Things are also built up. They always have and they always will. This is how it is.

Life is a process. It is about both the good as well as the bad. The pleasant as well as the unpleasant. We should not pick and choose. We should not block out things that are unpleasant because if we do then we are not living life fully.

Life is to be experienced. There is a lot of things that we can experience. It never ends.

More than that there are many things in life that are ‘as it is’. We need to discover as many aspects to life as it is as possible. This is the key to living a full life.

What is enlightment?

An enlightened person is a person who has a deep understanding about the realities of life and his relationship to it as it is. Deeply connected. Not what he wants it to be. Not what he thinks it is but what it actually is. What is. IS.

Looking straight at life. No compromises.

Stuck in a jam

I got stuck in a traffic jam. It just happened that I took that road on that day.

I made my appointment late. Dealt with all the problems arising. Soon the day is over. I am done. Now I can go eat dinner.

Tomorrow is another day.

Life is as simple as that. But it isn’t.

It isn’t because the day would involve a lot of rage, anger, and hate. There are obsessions, and compulsions that make us do that strange thing that we do.

In the end what gets us in deep shit is the way we choose to live our everyday life. I does not have to be like that.

We blame it on karma. To me Karma is ending up here doing this in the first place over and over or not. Karma is habitual and we are unconscious of it.

We need to break out of this loop. Wake up. See, understand and change. Do better.

The knowledge is there. It has always been there how to fix things but not everyone can accept this knowledge. They only accept what is acceptable to them. This is were we lay down our limits.

Just keep in mind that our life is our doing. We need to make better choices.

We only need to apply the knowledge to ourself. Nobody else.

With the knowledge that I have or think I have, I use it to condemn others but do not see the same thing in myself. This makes me a hypocrite. And worse still I use the condemnation of others to justify myself. The worst kind of mistake. I am guilty of this big time. In reality I am no better. I need to stay within myself. Fix my own self. Stick to that. That is all I need to do. This is kindness to myself. It is important.

Only I can fix myself. Nobody can do it for me even if they wanted to.

And if inside is fixed even when life is not smooth it is ok. Inside is still there.


Everything is as it is. What is there is there that is all.

A conflict appears when we want things to be something else other than what it is. We make ourself believe in the lie. The ‘What is’ gets distorted. Nobody is on the same page. There is no real connection. Everyone has their own certainty.

If we change our mindset and let go our attachments to arrogance, greed, ambition and see our emotions for what it is then the energy changes immediately. The energy gets rebalanced. Sanity returns. The ‘what is’ is a space where all beings are connected with each other. It is the same for everyone and everything.