Can we see a bubble if we live inside one?

Someone said that I live in a world that is different from everyone else.

I think we are all living in a world of our own make believe. A bit like the game SIM city. It is what society has given us. It called stability. Where everyone follows the same rules and seek the same things. Its for easy management. We are forced to become somebody that is not our own choice. The result you get peace and an illusion of harmony. But not really. This is our blind spot. We cannot really see the problem and even if we can see we do not do anything.

Like Neo in the movie Matrix. He has a choice of the pills. Will you take the pill that reveals the truth. Can you handle the truth? Reality is shown to you. What will you do?

Life is about interactions

No man is an island entire of itself. Everyone’s existence is tied to that of others. Karma. Life is about interactions and father time records down all interactions. 

We hurt others we hurt ourself. Measure for measure. If I punch you then this will be remembered and held against me until the punch is returned. We get what we ask for what we deserve even though we may not agree. There is an energy that follows interactions. Intentions are important. 

The passing of time does not make things that are outstanding, a debt disappear.  We can not run away but will need to eventually deal with ourself and everybody. Resolution. From nothing become something and from something back to nothing.

We need to mark ourself to the standards that we hold everybody up against. There is no escape. 

We need to adjust and change ourself for masterful interactions. Fair, honest, balanced. So that we get the same back. But there is no guarantee.

Randomness is also a part of the created order. Sometimes we become a part of the fall out having done nothing. Wrong place. Wrong time. This is how things are. We are all linked.

Desires and fears

Desires and fears is a part of the created order. What is there is there.

There is no such thing as secular and sacred. What is there is how we live our lifes. This to me is spirituality.

 How do we live with desires and fears and all our other emotions? 

It depends on what we see and our understanding of how things are. This will determine what we will do. The choices we will make and the actions we will take in life.

If we are mature, we will see that it is not about I win and you loose. Not about having more and fear of losing what I have. It will never be enough. 

Our desires and fears need to be controlled. They should not be controlling us. This is our lesson.

All the angst and strife in our mind is there because we created it from nothing. They seem real but we can do without them. The chaos that follows are self inflicted.

If we are balanced and realized then even though desires and fears exist, they are under control. In its rightful place where it belongs. We are not led along by run away emotions. Emotions has its place and should be used as it is ment to be used properly.

How well do I know myself? Where are my boundaries? Do I know when I need self restraint and self control? Do I know what is good for me? Do I look deeper into repercussions for the things that I do in my life? I need to look far enough and think things through.

We are all in the same boat. There is no seperation. I need to have understanding and respect for everyone. Even for the people I do not agree with. I do not need to be greedy because in the end what goes around will come around and I will only hurt myself.

What is there is there. If the world is in a bad place then we did it to ourself. We are responsible. We deserve what we get and we get what we deserve.


I noticed that links are everywhere. It is very much a part of the created order.

Night is linked to day. Winter, spring, summer and autumn are linked. 

So it is with mankind. We create links. Arrogance can be linked to ego and selfishness, intolerance and impatience for example. 

Relationships can be linked too. We are linked and bonded to our family and a few close friends.

We can link ourself to terrorism or religion and our whole life will revolve around this link we created.

Predictably we follow the links we created repeatedly as unconscious habitual patterns of behaviour.

The trick is that we need to see this in ourself and determine in ourself what is desirable. We need to be conscious of what is happening.

If we know ourself well we can consciously create new links. New pathways. Links that work better and follow them instead until they become natural. Self mastery is the key to a good quality and satisfying life. 

Inside is the same as outside

Inside is the same as outside.

I have a meditation practise. My mind opened up. One day I discovered that I can watch myself dreaming. I found that I could even repeat a dream and change the ending. Later I discovered I can choose my dreams. It is strange. I think my unconscious is slowly becoming conscious.

The outside is also an interesting place. If I look carefully, there is nothing but also there is something. This is that strange puzzle that everyone wants to solve. This “something” is none other than ourselfs. 

What I have observed is that we created a lot of mind made obstacles and got stuck in them. We became attached to the things we created in our minds. The reality is that everything is as it is. We do not want to accept this. What is there is there. What we want to believe and see is only what we built in our minds. We built walls. We are conscious beings who became unconscious. Self denial. Self unaware.

Simply put, on the inside  I have discovered that I can create my own dreams if I am conscious enough. Likewise on the outside world, I can create my own life too. But for that I need to be conscious not unconscious.  This is the difference. All I need to understand is that I have to dismantle all my attachments to my mind made obstacles. They are blocking my way. I need to see everything for what it is.

Once I have the realization then I can create. I am free. Realization is not such a big deal. There are certain advantages. I get to live. Live fully. In harmony with the natural order of things.


There is in everyone an innate sense of right and wrong. It is a kind of baseline. We should be mindful of where these boundaries are. We need to be responsible. Self controlled.

Pushing the boundaries and thinking of devious ways to by pass them for gain will only work in the short term but over time things will back fire. The price we pay is not worth the effort.

If we cross our boundaries we will one day loose ourselfs  our souls. There is a tipping point. We will be forever changed. Dont be tipped.



We all mess up. In life things are bound to go wrong. 

There are no sin, guilt, forgiveness cycles. This is something mankind made up. Some kind of value add and layering. Makes things worse. It is a distortion.

We need to see what we did wrong. Learn from the mistake. Learn our lesson. Do not repeat mistakes. Do not forget. Then after I learnt lesson, let it go and move on.

I may have regrets. But as long as I can change myself there is still hope. There are always opportunities.

Nothing gets resolved until I resolve it. Fix whatever that is broken. Do not be so fixed in our ways.

Self mastery

Self mastery is a good thing.

How conscious am I?How self aware am I? Who am I?

If I have self mastery then I will not be so easily swayed. I will not allow something to come into me and take over my life. I will also not be seduced by things that come along.

I may have problems in life just like everyone else. But I know what I need to do with myself.

Life is a continual alteration of our being. We all go through it. Its a learning process. A new way of seeing. A new defination of self aligned to reality. The goal is a self mastered.

We are attention seekers

We are attention seekers. Only humans have something called death by selfie.

This love of attention was not a part of us but it has became a part of us over time. Its an add on. 

We have a great need to be seen, to be understood and to be needed. It is a kind of value we created that has become very much of who we are.

There is nothing wrong with this in itself. The problem is that we get swept away caught up by it. We over do it. It controls us. We do not control it. Reality becomes distorted.

These distortions may seem harmless but they are not. 

Nothing in life happens without a reason. Many problems I see around me stems from our need for attention. It is never enough.

Thinking too much

I have been told that I should not think too much. 

I always get the answers to what I am looking for but I do not grab it. I use my thinking brain and turn it into something that it is not. It is a very bad habit. I end up spiralling. Stuck.

I must not over think. By over thinking I will miss the point. Everything is in plain sight. But there is also a thin veil covering over it.

When I sense something, see that it is there, understand, trust what I see. Do not go further.

After I see it. Understand. Learn. Let it go. Move on.

If I can do this. I will slowly but surely grow. We have an eternity of living and breathing and experiences. This is only the beginning. We are like unborn babies in terms of the universe. Never stop learning and experiencing.