Buttons that set us off

There are buttons in us that when pressed set us off and makes us do that stupid thing that we do. It is difficult to control.

How we solve this problem is entirely up to us. Unlimited ways of fixing problems. The therapist may not know best. Only I know what I need. It all depends on how well I know myself.

Who am I?


Unconscious habitual behaviour

My unconscious habitual behaviours causes me to get stuck in a rut.

I need to change. Be more conscious of what I do and who I am. Understand myself better.

It is probably just one issue that I have. I may have had the same issue for many lifetimes. The very issue why I am here as a human to learn my lesson and once I am done not to repeat the mistake. Change myself.

It is not going to be an easy lesson to learn. First thing is to figure out what the lesson is. It is unique to me. The lesson is pre determined and chosen for me before I came as a human.

Compassion exist because we have a sense of self

We are told that our ego is the cause of a lot of problems but this very ego or sense of self is also the root of kindness and compassion.

Without a sense of self it will not be possible to love and be kind.

I think therefore that there is nothing wrong with a sense of self. There is nothing wrong with it unless you make it so. Just understand what it is. That is all. Use it wisely.

Kindness then will be the real stuff. And goodness will be genuine. The arrogance in us is more tempered. It is ok to be prideful if earned.

How well do I know myself? Who am I?