We write about things but do nothing much about anything. Time to push back. Rebalance. Change is coming. Time for a big reset.

Best not to wait too long as it is already long overdue. If left too long when things start to unwind it may become chaotic.

Unplug and plug back. 

Everything will work again once you unplug and plug it back.

This seems trival but it isn’t. A space opens up for the tired and weary soul.

Reset. Go back to center. Release negative energies. Breathe. Go slowly. Try life again. There is always a chance and an opportunity to do better and get it right this time round. See clearly. Seeing is key. No fears.

Earthed and grounded

Recently I took to walking around barefoot on grass. I haven’t don’t this in a long while.

Other that discharging all the electro electricity in my wired life. Being connect firmly to earth feels so good. Grounded. Connected.

Joy of simple things.


Violence against woman is increasing. It is disturbing. Moral compass gone wonky. We seem to be able to justify anything nowadays.

“When I was a freshman, my sister was in eighth grade. There was a boy in two of her periods who would ask her out every single day. (Third and seventh period, if I remember correctly.) All day during third and seventh she would repeatedly tell him no. She didn’t beat around the bush, she didn’t lie and say she was taken–she just said no.

One day, in third period, after being rejected several times, he said; “I have a gun in my locker. If you don’t say yes, I am going to shoot you in seventh.”

She refused again, but right after class she went to the principal’s office and told them what happened. They searched his locker and there was a gun in his backpack.

When he was arrested, some of my sister’s friends (some female, even) told her that she was selfish for saying no so many times. That because of her, the entire school was in jeopardy. That it wouldn’t have killed her to say yes and give it a try, but because she was so mean to him, he lost his temper. Many of her male friends said it was ‘girls like her’ that made all women seem like cock-teases.

Wouldn’t have killed her to say yes? If a man is willing to shoot someone for saying no, what happens to the poor soul who says yes? What happens the first time they disagree? What happens the first time she says she doesn’t want to have sex? That she isn’t in the mood? When they break up?

Years later, when I was a senior, I was the only girl in my Criminal Justice class. The teacher, who used to be a sergeant in the police force, told us a story of something that had happened to a girl he knew when she was in high school. There was a guy who obviously had a crush on her and he made her uncomfortable. One day he finally gathered up the courage to ask her out, and she said no.

The next day, during an assembly, he pulled a gun on her in front of everyone and threatened to kill her if she didn’t date him.

He was tackled to the ground and the gun was taken from him. 

When my teacher asked the class who was at fault for the crime, I was the only person who said the boy was. All the other kids in the class (who were all boys) said that the girl was, that if she had said yes he would’ve never lost it and brought a gun and tried to kill her. When my teacher said that they were wrong and that this is what is wrong with society, that whenever a white boy commits a crime it’s someone else’s fault (music, television, video games, the victim) one boy raised his hand and literally said; ‘But if someone were to punch me and I punched him back, who is at fault for the fight? He is, not me. It’s self-defence. She started it, so anything that happens to her is in reaction to her actions. It’s simple cause and effect.’

Even though he spent the rest of the class period ripping into the boys and saying that you are always responsible for your own actions, and that women are allowed to say no and do not have to date them, they left class laughing about how idiotic he was and that he clearly had no idea how much it hurt to be rejected.

This isn’t something that’s rare. This isn’t something that never happens, or that a select group of men feel as if they are so entitled to women that saying no is not only the worst possible thing a woman can do, but is considered a form of “defence” when they commit a crime upon them (whether it be rape or murder-as-a-reaction-towards-rejection).

Girls are being killed for saying no to prom invites. Girls are being killed for saying no to men. They are creating an atmosphere where women are too scared to say no, and the worst part is? They are doing it intentionally. They want society to be that way, they want women to say yes entirely out of fear. Even the boys and men who aren’t showing up to schools with guns are saying; ‘Well, you know, I wouldn’t do that, but you have to admit that if she had just said yes…’

If you are a man and you defend this guys’ actions or try to find an excuse for it, or you denounce what really happened, or in any way lay blame on women, every girl you know, every woman you love, has just now thought to themselves that you might lose your shit and kill them someday for saying no. You have just lost their trust. And you know what? You deserve to lose it.” 

Taken from internet. Comments by me.

Life is never sweet. It is always bitter sweet

Life is not just sweet. It is bitter sweet. The bitter is hard to take. The experiences and knowledge that comes with experiences of life can be painful. It is a kind of suffering. The price of knowledge.

I need to taste the sweet as well at the bitter bravely. Roll with the punches if necessary. When I trip and fall I pick myself up and discover that it was not as bad as I thought it would be.

Life may be bitter sweet but life is good. I get to laugh and cry at the same time.

The energy that fires up creation


Have you ever thought of what is really real? Well the latest discoveries in quantum physics show that nothing is as it seems. In fact, it has been proven that everything around us, including us, is made up of pure energy.

In a physical world, it has been long thought that at the core of everything lie small material particles that are the building blocks of our reality.

For that purpose, physicists have tried to understand just how these building blocks construct the physical world we live in.

Many experiments have been made, and with every new advancement in quantum physics, more and more information points to the fact that at the core of all existence lies a pure energetic network that seems to intertwine in ways that construct our reality.

As soon as scientists started smashing electrons in enormous accelerators, they found that the building blocks of all matter is in fact energy.

These seemingly physical bodies contain nothing more and nothing less than pure energy rich with information.

What is even more fascinating, scientists have found that electrons function as both waves and particles at the same time!

Depending on the circumstances, these sub-atomic particles behaved differently. Interaction and observation were shown to affect the way these particles behaved.

When conscious observation was present, the particles (which when unsupervised acted as waves) started acting like physical units. In other words, perhaps the world around us exists simply because a kind of consciousness holds it together into existence.

This consciousness has been referred to as ‘collective consciousness’, ‘God’, ‘Logos’ and many other interpretations which posed the theory that all existence is at it is because of some kind of consciousness holding it together.

This massive amount of energywhich consolidates into what seems to be the physical reality can thus easily change its shape and form depending on the consciousness observing it.

So, what creates the mutual reality that all humans perceive?

Scientific finds have shown that everything in the universe is strangely connected on some level in what is called a “quantum entanglement”.In experiments they have made, they discovered that once particles have interacted, they remain connected, or energetically “entangled” and will remain affected by one another, no matter the physical distance.

Knowing that we are all in the essence made up of the same elements that were present during the Big Bang, it seems that everything around us, everyone around us, including us –everything is connected.

This energy that makes up all existence contains all the information of all there is, was and ever will be. The tangled web of information is what creates essentially us and everything around us and we owe it our consciousness and perception.

As confusing as it may seem, the energy that builds our universe is materialized into what we and everything around us is thanks to that same consciousness we possess that materializes it.

It is like we are in a constant dance with our existence on levels that cannot be easily comprehended.

As Swami Muktananda puts it, “The Self, Shiva, is supremely pure and independent, and you can experience it constantly sparkling within your mind. It cannot be perceived by the senses, because it makes the senses function.

It cannot be perceived by the mind, because it makes the mind think. Still, the Self can be known, and to know it we do not need the help of the mind or the senses.”

So perhaps it’s not only time and space that give the dimension of reality its current form. Consciousness on a broader level is what puts time, space and matter into existence in the first place. Otherwise, it would all be intangible energy that is in a constant, ungraspable, shifting motion.

Taken from

See, know it is there, let it go, move on

Mindfulness to me means that without attachments to anything, I look at the things that are happening, know what is there, what is happening, let it go and move on.

If I do it often enough, I discovered that when I see something with an openess and a pure mind, I can see that same thing from many angles and get many perspectives, and a deeper understanding. I continue to know it is there. Understand. Let it go and move on. Have understanding and respect.

With patience. By doing this repeatedly I will slowly but surely grow.

I try not to colour what is seen and put too much into what is seen. Be innocent. And have a child like mind.

Instead of going round and round my consciousness will spiral outwards and expand.

This to me is how to live life fully. Many things came to me. A deeper understanding of how things are. Things come together.

The person who says he has no ego has the biggest ego

The person who says he has no ego has the biggest ego.

How well do we understand our emotions. Every emotion has a proper role and a rightful place. Even ego. There is nothing wrong with ego. It is just a sense of self. 

We only have a problem when we do not fully understand our emotions and use them wrongly.

Self mastery is the key to a good life.

There are a lot of distortions everywhere

Nothing or non self cannot be experienced. If there is nothing I would not be here talking about it.

If I compare a TV with another TV then I will see the difference and experience it. Its relative.

The nothing that everybody talks about is when one TV is the same as another TV and everybody can see it and experience it. No argument. Nothing to compare. Same TV. One with the other. In that space the Tv is as it is. What is there is there.

This ‘as is ‘ space connects all beings one with another. Reality. It is what we have in common. This space is where life and living is. It is where existance exist. All bubbles have burst.

But who lives there? Not sure.

Can we see a bubble if we live inside one?

Someone said that I live in a world that is different from everyone else.

I think we are all living in a world of our own make believe. A bit like the game SIM city. It is what society has given us. It called stability. Where everyone follows the same rules and seek the same things. Its for easy management. We are forced to become somebody that is not our own choice. The result you get peace and an illusion of harmony. But not really. This is our blind spot. We cannot really see the problem and even if we can see we do not do anything.

Like Neo in the movie Matrix. He has a choice of the pills. Will you take the pill that reveals the truth. Can you handle the truth? Reality is shown to you. What will you do?