Live and let live

I was just reminded of an old and wise saying recently. Live and let live. This is something that we know we need to do but seems to be very difficult. We need understanding and respect for ourself and for each other.

Why is it so difficult? Respect for others so that you can also be respected. It’s earned.

The idea of supremacy is just in the head.

Right or wrong?

There is no right way or wrong way of doing things. There is only the easy way ( strike lottery) or work hard which is the normal way.

Change is the only constant. And our choices define us.

What should we aim to do?

The only thing that matters is balance. Balance on every level and in everything. A simple example is that presently there is a concentration of power and wealth among a few. Everyone else is poor and suffering. This imbalance which is painful has been around for some time and is getting worse.

Sooner or later there will be a push back. Revolt. It is already happening in fits and starts.

Depending on how bad the imbalance is, the unwinding of it may become chaotic. It is best to fix imbalances early.

The natural order will always prevail and right itself eventually. We cannot play God.

The extreme position is that we will all perish by our deeds. We crossed the threshold. A hard reset will follow. After that Life goes on. Re balanced. Without mankind. Sad as a lot of things will have to be sacrificed along with man.

It is what it is. Acceptance.

God is not coming to save the world. We have to save ourself from ourself.


At the end of the day, it is all about acceptance.

Acceptance. It is as simple as that.

Resistance is futile I have noticed.

Accept that everything is ‘as it is’ what is there is there. The trouble is that we do not live in this world. We live in some other world that we created. Duality. Every thought, every action, every intention, and all our plans, mindset and ambitions are in terms of make believe. Layering.

One day most likely on the day we die everything gets marked to reality but by that time we have lived but we did not. Not really. Sad.

Whoever I think I am, I need to throw everything away. The attitudes, the patterns of behaviour, the things I always do unconsciously. The things that attract me. The things that upset me. That is not me. I need to take a good look at myself.


As it is

Everything is as it is. This is a universal truth.

In this life there are many things that are as it is. There is a lot to see and learn. There are lots of things that are ‘as it is’. This is the reason why I am here as a human. To learn to see things for what they are. Earth and this life is very conducive for learning.

When I have attachments my view of the world is coloured. I cannot see. The trick is to see so I need to let go as many attachments as possible. This is the change that I need to do. It is something that is simple but also very very difficult to do. I never think I need to change anything. 

Life is as simple as this. We are here to see, learn, understand, let it go, move on. Repeat.

How well do I know myself? I need to have a deeper understanding of my emotions. Self awareness and self knowledge is a good thing. It is the kindness that I show to myself. Adjust mindset when necessary. Align myself to reality. Tear down mind made walls.

I need to see. Seeing is the key.

Training myself

My unconscious habitual behaviours causes me to get stuck in a rut.

I need to push away intrusive thoughts. Thoughts that are not exactly real unless I believe in them. Thoughts that are constructed by myself. I get so comfortable to that way of thinking. The anger, shame, anxiety, desires fears and everything else is doing harm to myself and the people around me. Needless really.

But there is hope. My neurons can get used to new pathways if I try to change and by changing create new paths. It is the same thing like learning a new skill.

So the next time I think I am under attack. I pause and reevaluate the situation. The truth is I am not in reality under attack. I just think i am. I do not need to act out in anger to protect myself. I quickly rewire my neuron to this new way of thinking while it is still fresh and the next time I perceive I am under attack my new neural pathway will lead me to see and react to the situation in a more wholesome way and nobody needs to get hurt anymore. Let the attachment to pride go. Release the knot in the energy so that things can flow. Practise and repeat until it becomes a well trodden pathway. Freedom at last. Self mastery. Self awareness. More a tuned to things as it is.

Everything is accounted for

The energy accounts for everything. 

What this energy is no words can describe. It is the thing that fires the equations of scientists. The energy is in plain sight and yet hidden. It’s has been around before time. It is a natural entity. It is not God. But our roots.

In order to understand it you need to have a self mastered. You need to see the world as it is. A deep and intimate knowledge of how the world actually is. Then you may start to understand why the energy is there. What does it do. How does it work. And finally what it is. Everything and all understanding comes together.

Everything that exists is because of this energy. Nothing’s works without it. It fires up all the elements. Even our consciousness, emotions and realizations. In a way the energy has a hand in what was originally nothing that eventually became everything. All the universes, the dimensions, the realms and all the countless beings. We are but a tiny speck of dust.

 And as long as the energy exist and continues to do what it does then we will not be going back to ‘nothing’ anytime soon.

Shit stirrer

I used to think that I am the victim. The one who is hurt and betrayed. The innocent one. Until one day I realised that if I didn’t stir the shit then the shit will not be stirred and none will splat on me.

Chicken and egg. Karma.

 I realized that I  am the mastermind of all my woes. It has got something to do with the way I look at things. My wonky perception. I need to stop. Recalibrate. Take responsibility. Change. Be kind to myself. Free myself from getting hurt. There is always a choice.

It is a kind of equal and opposite reaction at play. What I put in will be what I get out. I reap what I sow. It’s fair even if I may not agree.

There no real need to make a whole lot of fuss in life over nothing.

People pleasing

I stopped being a people pleaser. I’d be un normal. Un normal and un brain washed is good. Crazy fruitcake.

Just be myself as long as myself does not involve harming others. 

Don’t play the silly game that people play. Because it is silly.

Queen of wasting time. 

I think I have refined wasting time into an art form.

When there is nothing to do. I should do nothing. Not be so caught up with all the complications and neurosis of modern day living.

I should not swim against the flow but with the flow. Sort of in the zone all the time.

A time will come when I need to do something and when the time comes I will attend to it.

It is what is needed at that time and pieces fall in together and fit. The things that needed to be done. The words that needed to be said. The proper choices and decisions we need to make. Just need to be attentive.

My taxi will come when I need it. The car park space will open up ment for me.

Wu Wei  in Chinese means not doing or doing nothing.

Don’t force things to happen. Just wait for the door to open. According to Daoism, my understanding, the Way never acts but nothing is left undone.

Demons are self created. 

When I look inside myself  I realize that the things that cause me to behave badly, the unconscious habitual behaviours. The attachment to arrogance, anger and stubbornness is in reality unnecessary. Stop feeding the demons. Stop hurting myself.

Be one with the universe not seperate. Work together. Work things out if possible. Have understanding and respect.

Demons are self created. A demon is me and I am the demon.