It just dawned on me that all our emotions are just one thing. It gives us information about ourself.

Essentially emotion tells us how things are as it is. Anger, shame, frustration for example is there because we want things to be something other than what it is.

Pain is a good thing. It tells us that something inside needs to be rebalanced and faced.

Once we can see this, we have a choice to close the gap. Seeing is the key.

If we walk away and not do anything we will always be angry, ashamed and frustrated or whatever. The pattern of behaviour will repeat itself. The same emotional turmoil will constantly be triggered.We will be stuck. We will always find ourself back in the same old situation over and over in many guises but it is essentially the same thing all our lifes.

We can be free only is we can face ourself, accept the situation. Accept the information given by our emotions. Be self aware. See. Do not block, tell lies and hide from ourself. Deal with the problem. Try and set things straight.

Turn things around. Pull up our socks. This to me is kindness to self. The aim is not that there is nothing or God is going to set things right. Religion has been misleading. The truth is that we have to solve our own problems.

As long as we can feel we will have emotions. Feelings keep us in check. Its an inborn self regulatory mechanism often misunderstood.


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