“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” ~ Amelia Earhart

It’s not that we cannot see. Everybody can see. But nobody is willing to get out of our comfort zones. This is where we set our limits. We cannot accept the truth and we cannot change. Nothing is wrong. This is why we are stuck.

We end up, in denial, unconscious, blocking up, making excuses, build walls, create mind made obstacles, blame, judge and become pious, tell lies and run away from issues that are staring at us. We just cannot bite the bullet. We hope that someone else will do it for us. They won’t.

We complicate everything.

At the end of the day and with the wisdom of hindsight after the world is destroyed, I think that facing the problem straight on is the simplest and easiest way. Even though it may hurt a bit.We just need to be brave and truthful.

It’s not difficult. We make it difficult.


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