Life is all about relationships. There is no getting away from this.

Optimally how I will be to you is just the way I am to myself.

Love. What of it? You can love but you do not have to. Life is not all about love. Love is an aspect of life. There is much more to life than love.

It is not necessary to be nice and you also do not need to be unkind. That is all. It is not being indifferent but caring enough not to spoil.

If you choose to love then you must try not to let love eat you up. The clinging, the grasping, the manipulation, the control and the unacceptance. This is not love anymore. It becomes painful. Real love needs to be free.

We always want things to be something other than what it is. We will never get the thing we want. It is illusive. What we need to do is just to work with what is in front of us. What we have. It may not be ideal but that is all we got. We can try and make it work. Make the most of things. If that is not possible then let it all go. Walk away. A non relationship is also a kind of relationship. But first we should try our best to make it work.


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