Consciousness is something that is often misunderstood. Consciousness is who we are. We are conscious beings. It gives us our sense of self. The essence of our being. We are all unique conscious individuals.

Consciousness is made up of three parts. It is made up of our memories, our experiences and knowing. Knowing is intuition, understanding and conscience. We know a lot of things. We do not always know why or where it comes from. We just know.

An event is an event but how it is imprinted into our memories, how we experience it and what we know can vary. It is subjective and unique to the individual. This is why there is a self.

In reality, we are infinite beings. Our consciousness is as big as the universe. It is fired by an energy. The same energy that fires all creation. No words can describe this energy. But because of attachments we have limited ourselfs. We are no longer open. We have become small minded. We even deny the existence of a self even though it is in plain sight.

A sense of self is just a sense of self. A proper understanding is a good thing. We often make it into what it is not. If non self existed nobody will be around to talk about it.

Consciousness is not unique to man. There are many things that have consciousness. Inanimate and animate. Consciousness is not limited by the body and it is always there.


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