I got stuck in a traffic jam. It just happened that I took that road on that day.

I made my appointment late. Dealt with all the problems arising. Soon the day is over. I am done. Now I can go eat dinner.

Tomorrow is another day.

Life is as simple as that. But it isn’t.

It isn’t because the day would involve a lot of rage, anger, and hate. There are obsessions, and compulsions that make us do that strange thing that we do.

In the end what gets us in deep shit is the way we choose to live our everyday life. I does not have to be like that.

We blame it on karma. To me Karma is ending up here doing this in the first place over and over or not. Karma is habitual and we are unconscious of it.

We need to break out of this loop. Wake up. See, understand and change. Do better.

The knowledge is there. It has always been there how to fix things but not everyone can accept this knowledge. They only accept what is acceptable to them. This is were we lay down our limits.

Just keep in mind that our life is our doing. We need to make better choices.

We only need to apply the knowledge to ourself. Nobody else.

With the knowledge that I have or think I have, I use it to condemn others but do not see the same thing in myself. This makes me a hypocrite. And worse still I use the condemnation of others to justify myself. The worst kind of mistake. I am guilty of this big time. In reality I am no better. I need to stay within myself. Fix my own self. Stick to that. That is all I need to do. This is kindness to myself. It is important.

Only I can fix myself. Nobody can do it for me even if they wanted to.

And if inside is fixed even when life is not smooth it is ok. Inside is still there.


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