My cat knows exactly what it wants. It never comes when I call. It is never stressed out or have obsessive loops but always relaxed. We all know who is the boss. It lives it’s life on it’s own terms nobody else’s. I need to learn how to be wiser from my cat.

Every morning I sit down to meditate for about one hour. There are many things I  can do in meditation. One of the things I do is to check in with myself. Ask myself how am I feeling today? I do this because in a day I get flooded by many energies and other people’s emotions. I can get lost in it. So at the start of the day I check in and centre myself. Touch base.

I need to be self aware. A sense of self is important because it does not matter what other people are doing, I am living my own truth. I think this is why getting inside of myself, inside my core is a good thing. Self awareness gives me a foundation to navigate the world.

The world and everybody wants me to be something else other than who I am.

It used to be that when I wake up I put a character on and I become that someone. The pressure to conform is great. Expectations are great. This made me happy on the outside but unhappy on the inside. I need to take off my masks and just be myself. I need to own who I am. And when I do that the world changes with me. If I am my authentic self the world becomes authentic too. It’s weird but true.

To have self awareness is very relevant in today’s world of multi media. The need for affirmation and love makes us become somebody we are not. We develop an addiction to social validation. There is a sense that we are not good enough and we become good enough if we are reminded of it all the time. We end up doing things that betray our authentic self.

The need to conform and the lack of self belief runs deep. The narrative that goes on inside our brain does not go away. It gets internalized and played on a loop until we get brain washed. We start to believe in the lie.

The media gives us validation and we can get obsessed by it because we get a dopamine kick. This makes us hyper and unhappy. It is obsessive.

So every morning at the start of the day, I show a little kindness to myself. I check in. I open myself up. I remind myself that I need to give myself a chance to feel all my emotions. Not just the happy stuff.

A redefinition of the meaning of what it is to be strong is in order. Being strong is to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is who I am. With this, I will grow to be a whole person. I do not want to be fractured anymore.

I need to face myself fully. I need to see both the good and the bad, the happy as well as the sad. If I can do this I will discover who I really am. I will grow and thrive.This is how I can find strength. This is what strength is.

Also and just as important I think I have to learn to say no. I think if we are truthful to ourself there will be quite a few things that we know we should say no to. We should try and compromise but if no compromise can be found then we should think about walking away.


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