It is fine to fall. We need to get back on the horse.

Out of nowhere this trauma we suffered catches us and we carry the pain with us all our life. We can never run away. It is like the worst thing in the world.

Nobody can fully understand. They have their own thinking.

The therapist will say I am mad, crazy, bananas, out of my mind, insane, deranged and everything else but it’s only politically correct. Name calling just gets in the way. It does not mean anything.

This brutal hand in life that we are dealt with is ours alone to carry. Being alive is essentially a very lonely proposition. You have to carry your pack alone. Everyone does. Nobody gets as much help as they need. You have to help yourself.

The issues I have is probably a manisfestation of unprocessed trauma. When i dig at it it feels like opening a can of worms. I have to dig deep. When was the seeds planted?

I have to process the trauma. It cannot be neglected. The problem will not just go away by itself. Most likely it will get worse. The sooner I do it the better it will be for me.

I have to do things differently because doing the same thing and being caught in a loop always produces the same result. Changing my mindset and attitude might help. Look at things from a different angle for a new perspective may help too.

It all depends on how I look at things and how I choose to handle it. Things will always catch up with us sooner or later. Walking away from the problem is the easy way but dealing with things is the best way in the long run. Less hurts all around.

Try not to leave it for too long. It is so easy to be in denial. Create a space for yourself. We need to do what we need to do. It seems like an impossibility but it isn’t. Do not make it hard. We need to see the problem. It’s true colours. We need to be wise.


One thought on “Get back on the horse

  1. One of my favorite quotes about this is from Charlotte Joko Beck: “We have to face the pain we have been running from. In fact, we need to learn to rest in it and let its searing power transform us.” Good post!

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