Sometime in 2016 a rift opened up.

For the whole year the energy was very active. It was not usual.

A rift is a disturbance to the natural order.

The rift is revealing things to everyone. Opening people up. Humanity has been given a big push.

Everybody is made to face themself. It used to that we can block things out and live in a bubble we created so that we can avoid things we do not want to face. The new normal is that we can no longer block and tell lies to ourself. Everybody has to face their inner demons. And many may not be able to handle this well.

Everything is coming together. Things are wound tight. Any misunderstanding or mistake may cause things to get out of control.

The world has been out of balance for a very long time. Now the energy is working at rebalancing things. Maybe bring back some sanity.

The problem is that change is happening very fast. When things unwind it may be chaotic.

Good luck to mankind.


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