There is no right way or wrong way of doing things. There is only the easy way ( strike lottery) or work hard which is the normal way.

Change is the only constant. And our choices define us.

What should we aim to do?

The only thing that matters is balance. Balance on every level and in everything. A simple example is that presently there is a concentration of power and wealth among a few. Everyone else is poor and suffering. This imbalance which is painful has been around for some time and is getting worse.

Sooner or later there will be a push back. Revolt. It is already happening in fits and starts.

Depending on how bad the imbalance is, the unwinding of it may become chaotic. It is best to fix imbalances early.

The natural order will always prevail and right itself eventually. We cannot play God.

The extreme position is that we will all perish by our deeds. We crossed the threshold. A hard reset will follow. After that Life goes on. Re balanced. Without mankind. Sad as a lot of things will have to be sacrificed along with man.

It is what it is. Acceptance.

God is not coming to save the world. We have to save ourself from ourself.


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