Everything is as it is. This is a universal truth.

In this life there are many things that are as it is. There is a lot to see and learn. There are lots of things that are ‘as it is’. This is the reason why I am here as a human. To learn to see things for what they are. Earth and this life is very conducive for learning.

When I have attachments my view of the world is coloured. I cannot see. The trick is to see so I need to let go as many attachments as possible. This is the change that I need to do. It is something that is simple but also very very difficult to do. I never think I need to change anything. 

Life is as simple as this. We are here to see, learn, understand, let it go, move on. Repeat.

How well do I know myself? I need to have a deeper understanding of my emotions. Self awareness and self knowledge is a good thing. It is the kindness that I show to myself. Adjust mindset when necessary. Align myself to reality. Tear down mind made walls.

I need to see. Seeing is the key.


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