My unconscious habitual behaviours causes me to get stuck in a rut.

I need to push away intrusive thoughts. Thoughts that are not exactly real unless I believe in them. Thoughts that are constructed by myself. I get so comfortable to that way of thinking. The anger, shame, anxiety, desires fears and everything else is doing harm to myself and the people around me. Needless really.

But there is hope. My neurons can get used to new pathways if I try to change and by changing create new paths. It is the same thing like learning a new skill.

So the next time I think I am under attack. I pause and reevaluate the situation. The truth is I am not in reality under attack. I just think i am. I do not need to act out in anger to protect myself. I quickly rewire my neuron to this new way of thinking while it is still fresh and the next time I perceive I am under attack my new neural pathway will lead me to see and react to the situation in a more wholesome way and nobody needs to get hurt anymore. Let the attachment to pride go. Release the knot in the energy so that things can flow. Practise and repeat until it becomes a well trodden pathway. Freedom at last. Self mastery. Self awareness. More a tuned to things as it is.


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