The energy accounts for everything. 

What this energy is no words can describe. It is the thing that fires the equations of scientists. The energy is in plain sight and yet hidden. It’s has been around before time. It is a natural entity. It is not God. But our roots.

In order to understand it you need to have a self mastered. You need to see the world as it is. A deep and intimate knowledge of how the world actually is. Then you may start to understand why the energy is there. What does it do. How does it work. And finally what it is. Everything and all understanding comes together.

Everything that exists is because of this energy. Nothing’s works without it. It fires up all the elements. Even our consciousness, emotions and realizations. In a way the energy has a hand in what was originally nothing that eventually became everything. All the universes, the dimensions, the realms and all the countless beings. We are but a tiny speck of dust.

 And as long as the energy exist and continues to do what it does then we will not be going back to ‘nothing’ anytime soon.


4 thoughts on “Everything is accounted for

      1. The world is a vampire, sent to drain. Secret destroyers, hold you up to the flames. And what do I get, for my pain? Betrayed desires, and a piece of the game…


      2. As long as the energy existed realization and energy go hand in hand. We are capable of both good and bad to the extreme


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