I think I have refined wasting time into an art form.

When there is nothing to do. I should do nothing. Not be so caught up with all the complications and neurosis of modern day living.

I should not swim against the flow but with the flow. Sort of in the zone all the time.

A time will come when I need to do something and when the time comes I will attend to it.

It is what is needed at that time and pieces fall in together and fit. The things that needed to be done. The words that needed to be said. The proper choices and decisions we need to make. Just need to be attentive.

My taxi will come when I need it. The car park space will open up ment for me.

Wu Wei in Chinese means not doing or doing nothing.

Don’t force things to happen. Just wait for the door to open. According to Daoism, my understanding, the Way never acts but nothing is left undone.


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