No man is an island entire of itself. Everyone’s existence is tied to that of others. Karma. Life is about interactions and father time records down all interactions.

We hurt others we hurt ourself. Measure for measure. If I punch you then this will be remembered and held against me until the punch is returned. We get what we ask for what we deserve even though we may not agree. There is an energy that follows interactions. Intentions are important.

The passing of time does not make things that are outstanding, a debt disappear. We can not run away but will need to eventually deal with ourself and everybody. Resolution. From nothing become something and from something back to nothing.

We need to mark ourself to the standards that we hold everybody up against. There is no escape.

We need to adjust and change ourself for masterful interactions. Fair, honest, balanced. So that we get the same back. But there is no guarantee.

Randomness is also a part of the created order. Sometimes we become a part of the fall out having done nothing. Wrong place. Wrong time. This is how things are. We are all linked.


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