I noticed that links are everywhere. It is very much a part of the created order.

Night is linked to day. Winter, spring, summer and autumn are linked.

So it is with mankind. We create links. Arrogance can be linked to ego and selfishness, intolerance and impatience for example.

Relationships can be linked too. We are linked and bonded to our family and a few close friends.

We can link ourself to terrorism or religion and our whole life will revolve around this link we created.

Predictably we follow the links we created repeatedly as unconscious habitual patterns of behaviour.

The trick is that we need to see this in ourself and determine in ourself what is desirable. We need to be conscious of what is happening. Create meaningful links and bonds.

If we know ourself well we can consciously create new links. New pathways. Links that work better and follow them instead until they become natural. Self mastery is the key to a good quality and satisfying life.


One thought on “Links

  1. We are linked to the universe, all the stars, planets and space as well as everything that lives. When I look into the sky I try to remind myself of that. The big picture as they used to say in Drivers Ed.


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