Desires and fears is a part of the created order. What is there is there.

There is no such thing as secular and sacred. What is there is how we live our lifes. This to me is spirituality.

 How do we live with desires and fears and all our other emotions? 

It depends on what we see and our understanding of how things are. This will determine what we will do. The choices we will make and the actions we will take in life.

If we are mature, we will see that it is not about I win and you loose. Not about having more and fear of losing what I have. It will never be enough. 

Our desires and fears need to be controlled. They should not be controlling us. This is our lesson.

All the angst and strife in our mind is there because we created it from nothing. They seem real but we can do without them. The chaos that follows are self inflicted.

If we are balanced and realized then even though desires and fears exist, they are under control. In its rightful place where it belongs. We are not led along by run away emotions. Emotions has its place and should be used as it is ment to be used properly.

How well do I know myself? Where are my boundaries? Do I know when I need self restraint and self control? Do I know what is good for me? Do I look deeper into repercussions for the things that I do in my life? I need to look far enough and think things through.

We are all in the same boat. There is no seperation. I need to have understanding and respect for everyone. Even for the people I do not agree with. I do not need to be greedy because in the end what goes around will come around and I will only hurt myself.

What is there is there. If the world is in a bad place then we did it to ourself. We are responsible. We deserve what we get and we get what we deserve.


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