Inside is the same as outside.

I have a meditation practise. My mind opened up. One day I discovered that I can watch myself dreaming. I found that I could even repeat a dream and change the ending. Later I discovered I can choose my dreams. It is strange. I think my unconscious is slowly becoming conscious.

The outside is also an interesting place. If I look carefully, there is nothing but also there is something. This is that strange puzzle that everyone wants to solve. This “something” is none other than ourselfs. 

What I have observed is that we created a lot of mind made obstacles and got stuck in them. We became attached to the things we created in our minds. The reality is that everything is as it is. We do not want to accept this. What is there is there. What we want to believe and see is only what we built in our minds. We built walls. We are conscious beings who became unconscious. Self denial. Self unaware.

Simply put, on the inside  I have discovered that I can create my own dreams if I am conscious enough. Likewise on the outside world, I can create my own life too. But for that I need to be conscious not unconscious.  This is the difference. All I need to understand is that I have to dismantle all my attachments to my mind made obstacles. They are blocking my way. I need to see everything for what it is.

Once I have the realization then I can create. I am free. Realization is not such a big deal. There are certain advantages. I get to live. Live fully. In harmony with the natural order of things.


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