We worry what people think of us. It is so easy to give in and conform. By doing so we loose ourself. This is a weakness that everyone suffers from. Self betrayal.

We bend ourself into being something that we are not until one day we can no longer tell who we are anymore. We have forgotten.

We know what is right and what is not. But we choose not to see. Instead we tell lies to ourself and we start to believe in these lies.

We live in a world that is grey. Wrong can be right and right is no longer important. 

The end justifies the means but to what end and by what means? Is it worth it. The things that we get ourselfs into.

We are conscious beings who have become unconscious.


5 thoughts on “We worry what people think of us

  1. We imagine that we are somehow important, but in reality we are tiny beings in an endless universe. In a way nothing really matters except in our mind, in our own little world.


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