I find that I work so hard to get fit and then if I do not workout for a few days I loose my fitness.

Here we are busy doing all kinds of things like building a house, cutting the grass, watering the flowers and then as soon as we stop doing what we do the building starts to crumble, the grass grows back faster than ever and the flower dies. 

There is a pattern here. Entropy. It is everywhere. Even in mind made things. Especially in mind made things. We are fighting a losing battle.

If we think we need a big empire and control everything and be the biggest bully then we should think again. There is always a push and a push back.

We will never win or gain anything. Not really. It is a zero sum gain in a way. 

It will be good if we can let go the mindset and all the silly values that we put into things. Let go the things that hold us back. We should stop hurting ourself and everybody.

There is a fine balance between the things we can control and the things we can’t. Nothing is for keeps. We need to live on that fine line. Between what is realistic and not. What works and what does not. Life can be good. It all depends on whether you can see or cannot see this simple fact.


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