I like to ask questions. And I keep asking questions. If there are a lot of inconsistencies I tend not to settle. I will keep looking. If I am lucky then one day I may get answers. I cannot get answers if I do not ask.

I have decided that I cannot depend on faith. I also will not accept things just because someone said that it is true. I need to experience the truth for myself. I need to trust myself and trust in what I know and can see and understand. I need to have confidence in myself.

I have decided to walk away from religion. Religion to me has caused a lot of harm. The good in religion is not exclusive to religion. We do not need religion to be good.

Simple worship and respect is fine but religion is complicated and linked to many problematic issues. It often mislead people. And many people get lost in religion.

Mankind is the problem. Not so much religion. Mankind is in truth the problem to many things.

I also cannot accept the clever use of words that really do not mean much.

I believe the truth is right in front of me and is accessible to everyone even children. We do not need to work or do anything for this truth. All we need to do is to see it.

Nobody is better or more enlightened. We are all just at different stages in our understanding. It’s like we are holding different pieces of a puzzle that will eventually be put together. The ending is the same for everyone.

Why do I bother? I do it for my self. It is for my own self satisfaction. It is the kindness that I show to myself. I want to find meaning and purpose in life. I want to fully live. I want to be free. For this to happen I need to have a deep understanding of how life is, as it is. Not what we think it is but what it actually is.

The lessons we need to learn. The lesson that is given to each of us is unique to the individual. It is what we need. Essentially we are only in pre school. A few will go to kindergarten but not many. That is the level we are at.


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