When realism meets idealism one will get hurt. 

A rose is a rose is a rose. This is a famous quote by Gertrude Stein.

What is there, is there, is there. And the reason it is not there anymore is because we created something to take the place of what is there. And decided that what we created is the new reality. We hurt ourself and everybody.

What happened is there is nothing and also something. Both are true.

We need to understand that the ‘something’ is ourself. The things we are responsible for. Our creations. The walls we built and the mind made obstacles that make us stumble. The hidden selfish agendas to dominate.

Like layers of an onion. We created layers upon layer. So much so that we do not know what is real anymore. 

Reality will win the day. Reality always wins. All the layers of the onion peeled away and what is left is everything as it is. The created order. Where everybody has a place. And everyone is accountable.


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