Nobody can escape death just as nobody can choose not to be born. Fate.

The truth is that nothing is permanent and change is the only constant. What if death is just change and death is also something that is not permanent? Death is just a transition into something else. It is not the end.

Our spirit the energy is not going to disappear upon death. It just leaves the body. We may have felt this when we witness a death and when the spirit is gone. There is an empty body. The emptiness can be felt. The spirit does not leave immediately. We can sense it when it is gone.

The strange thing for me is that even when we are alive there are some people who feel like they are also empty. A walking zombie. Without spirit and soul.

A zombie may be rich and successful. There are many zombies in Hollywood. The way to know that someone is a zombie is that zombies are not interested in things of the spirit. They are not capable of a deeper understanding of how things are and how life is. They are not interested about meaning and truths. They do not search for truths and even if truths are spelt out to them they will not see and understand. Zombies tend to be not very nice.

It used to be that everyone was given a spirit and a soul. But the soul and spirit that was given became corrupted my man. When the corrupted soul was no longer in a body it went off and corrupted a lot of things in the other realms and dimensions. There was a problem. Contagion.

Nowadays, a spirit and soul is no longer given to every baby born. Sometimes the spirit may leave a person before he dies just to prevent corruption. It depends on how bad the person has become and whether there is hope in him left.

As we can see, it is all about the spirit and not man. The spirit came to learn about life as a human. Experience life. Conditions on earth are conducive for learning. There are many things that is as it is.

The spirit is making use of man and his body. Just like his genes are making use of him to pass on the genetic code. And the vegetable that we eat for dinner, is it making use of us too? Probably. Nature never dies. What is death to nature but a point in the circle of life. Everything regenerates and become new again.

This in a way is the bigger picture. There is more than what meets the eye. But man is too full of himself to see. All he sees is everything in terms of himself. He has no respect for anything. Its not that truths are hidden. It is not ignorance. Not really. Everything is in plain sight but man does not want to know and does not want to find out. He ends up hurting himself and everybody.


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