Humankind has a tendency to be easily influenced and manipulated. We listen and follow blindly. We put in place methods and ideas that are wrong. To our detriment.

It may be an over simplification but in the history of mankind, things were not that bad until we had innovation. ( Ancient Egypt era). This is not bad in itself but we started to put value into things. We learnt that we can get advantage and control over people. From that time on everything went downhill.

In many things there is always a chance to make things right after a mistake but we never do it. If we did, many problems can be resolved.

When someone helps us or something good happens we are not grateful. There is a strong sense of entitlement. We make everything complicated. We never own up to anything. I think it is a bad habit.

We need to make right things. Or do what is right. Be conscious. It is so simple but we make it so hard. 



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