There are buttons in us that when pressed set us off and makes us do that stupid thing that we do.

Everyone has triggers and we try to get rid of them but fail.

Our minds are conditioned to work against us. It is strange. We have a tendency to make a lot of fuss about nothing. Drama queen.

If we can get a better understanding about ourself then we may not react when our buttons are pressed. How nice it would be if our triggers do not set us off.

What have we missed? We created within ourself a puzzle that needs to be solved. If we can do it and overcome our buttons then our consciousness will grow. 

Perhaps we need to make ourself more receptive. Reorient our faculties. For me it helped when a shift in thinking happened. A new realization.

We are not helpless. There is hope.

The shift in understanding came to me when I realised that my buttons are just mind created pre programmed way I make myself think without having to think. Default. It’s about the way I look at things and relationships. I built a kind of an internal wall within that is so well used that it is set on auto pilot.  The world is not actually like that in reality. Things are not what I made it out to be. Life is not a one way track. There are many ways to look at things.

All of a sudden that thing that had a vice like grip on me loosened. All it took was a change in mindset and an understanding and an acceptance. A letting go.

When my buttons got pressed, there emerged a few seconds of hesitation. Pause. It was not because the world changed. It was because I changed inside. I had options and space to do things differently. Do things better. More in touch with reality. I am the boss. Take charge. I am responsible for myself. Not some happy pill or drink.

Also I think we have to let go the things that can’t be changed. Things that we cannot control. Let it be. Pointless to be triggered by things that are not to be.

I started to see the situations that I used to get caught up in for what it is and realised that I have a choice. I can choose to let that attachment to the button go because there was no more need for the stupid behaviour. The button had no more meaning and application. Irrevalent. Once I understood this then walking away becomes easier. There is no struggle.

Viola.  Let go buttons and triggers. See it, understand what it is, know that it is there, let it go, learn lesson and don’t forget. Move on. Be free from unconscious habitual behaviours that hold us back.

If we can do this even karma and fate can be changed.


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