I read this on the internet.

“If life is like a piano and the white keys represent happiness and the bad keys represent sadness, as you go through life’s journey remember that the black keys also make music”

“The black keys also make music.” How interesting. Sometimes things happen and there is pain but the pain was something that was a part of a picture of a puzzle that needed it for some purpose we cannot see and may not understand.

There is always a bigger picture. There is an important and necessary part for pain to play in respect to the natural order of things. If not it would not exist.

There may be a reason why things are what they are we have no choice but to accept. Pain may not be a bad thing. Depends how it is viewed. Attitude.

I believe that nothing will be given to us that we cannot overcome.

There is much to learn in testing times. Our attitude and how we deal with and solve problems tells a lot about the stuff that we are made up of.


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