Consciousness is something that is often misunderstood. 

Consciousness to me is made up of three things. Memories, experiences and knowing.

Consciousness is who I am. Everyone is a conscious being.

Religion, God and beliefs confuse us. The main thing is that this life is real. We do not live life for the next life. We are not trying to get somewhere or become something. What is there is already there.

We need to live this life. We need to face what is in front of us, be respectful and solve problems. Rationally and sensibly.  Do not make up things and dupe ourself into believing that it is true. This causes a lot of problems.

We are a conscious, living and breathing being.

If we can accept this then we will know what we need to do with ourself. Living a simple life is a good place to start.


One thought on “Consciousness 

  1. Memories are often little stories we tell ourselves, beliefs that confuse us.

    “Memory is imagination. Every memory that we stick to devastates our life.”
    Charlotte Joko Beck, Nothing Special


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