I have noticed that even when I am awake I am also dreaming. I can switch back and forth.

I think it has to do with my conscious and unconscious mind. Just like my conscious mind is a happening place my unconscious is also a happening place. But I may not be aware of it.

There is a small part of my unconscious that is conscious but this conscious bit that is in the unconscious may not know of the conscious me. Both parts needs to hold hands. I need to understand both in order to understand myself better.

For me, there is a place in the unconscious that is beyond thought. This is a very interesting place. A kind of knowing ( an element) and movies or dreams or day dreams. Flashes of insight or streams of understanding. It is hard to put into words. It something like intuition.

Essentially when the unconscious slowly start to become conscious then I have the potential to one day be fully conscious. There is only one consciousness. It is not in bits and pieces. It is who I am. We are all far from this. There are many things we do not remember. Many things that we do not know.

It seems to be the same thing when I am sleeping. I am sleeping but I can watch myself dreaming. There is no difference.

Consciousness cannot be turned off and it is as big as the universe. Not really bound by my body and my life. I think we limited ourself. We only see what we want to see.

I love looking inside but have to be very careful I am not gone and wandered away when I am driving in a car otherwise I will find myself in the ditch by the roadside.


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