No matter how old we are there will always be new experiences to learn from. This the the marvel of life.

It is not about wishful thinking. How we want things to be. It is also not that something is a blessing or a curse. We should not limit ourself.

It is all about being open to whatever that will come along and how we handle ourself and everything around us.

It is about the lessons we learn from our experiences.

When we die our memory of this life will be erased but our experiences remain. They become a part of our essence.

The past is no more. Only the experience is there.

Our experiences are very much a part of us. It is who we are. It is a part of our consciousness. This is why it remains. Consciousness transcends death.

We see. We understand. We learn and after that we let it go. Over and over. It is a like a circle or cycle. If we do this then surely but slowly we will grow. 

We can be a very old soul and have lived many lives but if we do not learn anything, then we will just be old and discrepit. On the other hand we can learn and grow and become wiser. We can make our life and our existance meaningful and flavourful. 


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