Everyone has a past. We all have many stories to tell.

It is not what happened to us that matters but I think it is what we did to ourself because of what happened to us that we need to be mindful of.

There are certain unconscious habitual behaviors that we become attached to because of things that happened to us in the past. These behaviors causes problems and conflicts in our life. There is a recognizable pattern of things that we do, our attitude, our mindset, the way we think and choices that we always make that causes events and things in our life to repeat itself over and over. We find ourself in the same place. We find ourself stuck in an action reaction loop. In a way this is how we are defined. It is who we have become but it is not who we are. Not at all.

We need to take a look at these unconscious habitual behaviors and deal with them. If we can see what is happening and if we can better understand ourself then we will be able to choose to change our mindset and by doing so free ourself from the spiral that we find ourself in.

We need to learn to let baggage go. Tear down mind made obstacles.

Once we make peace with ourself then we will be able to make peace with the world. Once we free ourself only then will we be able to live life fully connected.

If we can do this then the past will be no more. Our lesson is learnt. We can move on.


3 thoughts on “Our past

    1. If I am being truthful with myself when I deal with all that is not real like my attachments then after that what remains is real. What is there is there without a doubt.


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