Change is the only constant. Change creates change. We need to learn to change with the change. When the door opens then we walk through. Not before. Go with the flow. Follow not lead. Accept. Respect. Be grateful.

Change is like linked dominoes falling. One thing is linked to another. Multiple dimensions. It is everywhere I look.

It is best to let things run it’s natural course. If it must be so let it. If I do something about what I see then something that is going to happen does not. Something else happens instead. Things get reshuffled. Interference. Maybe the event will happen later. It is not something we can fully control or foresee. Good and bad it has the same effect. With change something good may have a bad effect and visa versa. Change happens instantly. It cannot be stopped. It does not change its mind.

If change happens too fast then we have chaos. Unpredictability. Fear of the unknown. The wild card. Makes us uncomfortable.

This is why the free choice that we have been given is not exactly free. We need to be responsible and be respectful and humble. There are boundaries, consequences, accountability. What is due to me will come to me. Without a doubt. I need to think carefully and think things through. What I want and what I want to do. Balance is key. Change when change is necessary. We careful. We never know the effect of the things that we change.


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