Basically cause and effect can be three things. Win Win or win loose or loose loose. This seems to be the rules of the game.

It’s all about relationships. Relationships with everybody and everything. Balance. Harmony. Empathy.

What is needed is understanding and respect. Easy enough but actually very hard. We need to be better, stronger, higher, bigger. All this is at the expense of somebody or something else. I win you loose. I want it all. This path makes everyone a looser. 

We need to resolve problems. Work together. Question our present human thinking and mindset. What is happening. What are we doing? To what end?

The thing is many of us are not fully aware of how things work. We don’t know and we don’t want to find out. Very unconscious. And because if this hurt ourself and everyone.

There is a lot of pain and every time we do something in an attempt to make things better we end up making things worse.

We do not have to look far. All we need to look at is our own self internally. And also our personal relationships with family and people whom we are close to. 

There is a lot of layering. Putting stuff in places when there is nothing there. And then getting our self all worked up unnecessarily. We tied ourself up into a knot and got stuck. Sad.

Could it be that at the end of the day reality is such that there is no winner or looser? It’s that fine line that we walk that matters. Between win and loose. The in between. Maybe we got things wrong. If this is so then we need to look at everything again carefully.

Take things apart and look at each thing separately and then put it all together and take a good look again. Maybe this time we see what is there.


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