I think we just need to be ourself. Whatever that is. 

We all pretend to be someone we are not.  Just to fit in. We worry what people think of us. We need approval and acceptance. We do what is right in terms of the standards of the world not what what we need to do. We feel pressured by our peers. We are not being truthful. We burry our heads in the sand. Turn away.

We worry about being shamed. To be laughed at. We must preserve our brand at all cost. We need to be always fighting with life and everybody. We need to be always on the go doing things. Getting bigger, better stronger and richer. We live from one experience to another. If that is what we want then that is what we will get.

We run always from the task of dealing with ourself. We are not able or reluctant to face ourself because things may not be pleasent so we choose not to find out what our true self is. Until one day we cannot differentiate true from false.

Why should we take the trouble to learn? All for what? It’s all for ourself. We need to do our bit. We need to set our house in order. We have choices. But we do not choose. 

An example of a real choice is that we should treat people with benevolence. Be righteous, humble and fair. Do not compare be envious or arrogant. This is a good place to start.

The reality is that this life we are living is real. God is not going to save us. We have to save ourself. We need to face the truths that are hard to face. Stand up to things. Be accountable. Change if change is necessary in order to correct the imbalance and save ourselfs.


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