My true nature is that I am a curious person. This is what I am. I will not be able to get rid of it. This is me.

When I am born, I have a body. I noticed that everything in my body is perfectly designed. All I need to do is to enjoy my body. We also come with a basic nature. My basic nature is that of curiosity. Everybody has a different basic nature. It can be kindness, destructive and dark, brave etc. It is our basic character. We also have certain innate knowledge about how things are. What is good and bad. Right and wrong. How to live. We actually start off with everything that we need. Life can exist on this level without anything else. Life would be simple and uncomplicated. Life could be very good.

Even though we are complete, we go on in life acquiring things and learn things (brain washing) that is working against ourself but we do not realize it. We are told that we need more knowledge, more abilities, more success. We need to be stronger, better educated, richer. But these things are just layers on an onion. We added these layers but they do not really help us. Culture, tradition, religion are also layers and not really applicable to life. The idea is not bad but what we did to the ideas how we applied the ideas did us all in. A good idea can end up being bad. Each generation comes along and add things, invent new values and force it upon everybody.

 The world is moving fast but nobody knows where it is going. There is a high probablity that it will not be a good place.

In order to see the truth about things, we need to ask questions and keep asking questions. Question about the truth about life. We need to set aside everything we know and read about and everything someone said and from zero re look at the world with a pure mind.  Maybe then we can see how the world is. How everything is.

The world is as it is. It is not empty. It is not an imagination or a dream. There is a self, an ego. It is palpable. But everything is not in terms of self. Self should be put back in a place where it belongs. Emotion also should be better understood and not be something that it is not. Our needs and wants needs to be rationalized. The same for our desires and fears. We need to take a long look at religion. Religion is one of the worst mistake of mankind.

We need to peel back the layers of the onion that we created and see things as it is. What is there is there. We need to go back to basics. After all the layers of the onion have been peeled away ( the illusions and delusion) and fake information dropped, and things that work against us changed, then we will understand how things are. And when we understand how things are then maybe we will know what we need to do. How to live.

This is the kindness humanity need to show to itself.



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