Starbucks offered free coffee in Shanghai but you have to bring your own cup.

Balance is important in every aspect of life and living. I try not to live on the extreme ends of any scale.

Balance exists in my mind. in my thoughts, my intentions, in my heart, my emotions, my body, in choices that I make and the actions that I take. In small things. In big things. It is everywhere.

I need to account for my self. Take ownership. Be mindful of consequences. And what karma is trying to teach me.

The big picture to me is that there is a balance between life and death. Being mean, hurtful and harming, greedy, selfish is more on the side of death. On the other side life balance is harmony, working together, respect, responsibility, humility, gratitude.

The energy on all of the above changes instantly when we change. The effect can be like dominoes falling. It affects many things unseen.

When the world is out of sync, it feels like there is less vibrancy and jaded. Sad.

This is what it means to be self aware. Know myself. Self mastery. What do I want?

Being balanced to me is how a person can live a full and meaningful life.

There is nothing but there is also something and this something is our self. What are we doing?


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