There is conflict everywhere. Internally and externally. We are all conflicted. Outside is a reflection of what is going on inside. 

Human kind created a value in rivalry. Rivalry not only with people we do no like but also with friends, and family. I need to be better than you. There is value in it. It is perceived as a good thing that everybody should want. We are taught that this is how to behave. It is contagious.

I want to be happy means that you have to suffer. I control you. I am stronger than you. We pick on each other.

We get what we want but most of the time we are still not happy. Something is still not right. Infact we may find ourself worse off.

This is a zero sum gain game we are playing. It goes no where. There is no real advantage or gain. If you take what is not yours sooner or later you have to give it back. For example if I want more power you loose your freedom. This cannot go on forever. Meanwhile all we do is hurt each other and cause a great imbalance. It is no good for anyody.

We end up being unkind to each other. There is a seperation. There is no harmony. We have forgotten or do not have an understanding of how things are anymore. How the nature of things as it is really is. We lost touch with reality. Nobody is better than anybody. We are just different.


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