How self aware am I?

Self awareness will lead me to answer the question. Who am I?

The problem is that we do not know ourself very well. We do not bother to look and find out.We do not think it is necessary. There are things inside that we rather not face. Hurts, obsessions, compulsions, fears and desires. Attachments of all kinds. It is a long list. There is a lot of baggage.


2 thoughts on “Self awareness

  1. The best book I’ve read about awareness is Everyday Zen by Charlotte Beck. But no matter how many books we read we have to figure it out for ourselves. Yes, the key is always right in front of us we just have to grab it.


    1. Trust in yourself and your ability to fix things. How are you going to live with yourself if you do not face things and fix things once and for all?


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