After I started to meditate, I discovered changes in my sleep patterns.

The first 4 hours I think my body needs to sleep and make adjustments. After that I noticed that I sleep but I am able to watch myself dreaming. I think they call it lucid sleeping. What happens is that there is the conscious part of me and the unconscious part of me. But in that unconscious part of me there is a part that is conscious. But this conscious part in the unconscious may not be aware of my conscious part.

Somehow I connected my conscious part of me with the conscious part of the unconscious. Over time when I got used to it, through the conscious part of the unconscious I made the unconscious conscious until one day I became fully conscious even in sleep. I think I started to use more of my brain than what I was used to.

I was sleeping but I was fully conscious. I can not only watch myself dreaming, I can decide what dreams I wanted. or not. I can still choose to have normal dreams but when I do not like the ending, I found that I could make myself repeat the dream and I could change the ending to what I wanted. Strange.

The things that are stored in our unconscious brains are things that we are not able to deal with. Our brain misses nothing. Things we store in the unconscious can be things we cannot face or things we want to deal with later. Normally when we sleep, our brain helps us to deal with things in our minds so that we can wake up the next day to face another day. The brain only does what it can to cope. If we have a lot of issues, or experienced a serious trauma then the unconscious may not be able to cope and things spill out. We get cranky.

Meditation to me is very much like sleeping. When I meditate, it feels like I am sleeping but I am awake. I think there is a link somewhere.

Even when we are awake, I think we are actively dreaming but not aware of it.


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