I have noticed that the people that are in my life and the situations that arise in my life is like a mirror of what I am thinking of myself or others, of my own expectations, of my own failures, frustrations, my own attachments. I just have to try to understand what that mirror is reflecting back at me. My view of the world depends on what is going on inside of me.

People who are negative are here to show us what we could become in a worst case scenario. We are all capable of doing both good and bad to the extreme. It depends on circumstances and situations we find ourself in. Basically the lesson for us to learn is to be compassionate even to those that do us harm. Because they are doing what they are doing because they too are suffering. Their suffering is sometimes so strong, so deep that they cannot see anything else. In that situation how are they ever going to see past their suffering to notice that I am there? I am not even in their radar. This can apply to people who are close to us. Not strangers.

If I can see myself in the mirror that is reflecting back at me then I need to change myself. I need to make adjustments and change mindset. I need to let go certain expectations, to accept my failures, to let go my attachments and frustrations. And whatever else that need fixing. Clean house. It is for my own good.

It is all about self mastery. Freeing myself from pain that isnt there in the first place.


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