Happiness and suffering is what we need to face. We need to face both happiness and suffering. It is a part of life.  

Suffering and happiness just is. Suffering is suffering if you think that it is so. Does not have to be. It is up to you.

Experience life and learn from the experience. We need to accept that everything is as it is.

Running away from suffering will only make things worse. Be brave and face up to everything that is there. It is not possible to wish away the pain in life. 

Fear is our greatest problem. When we can overcome the fear then problems will solve themself eventually given time.

Sometimes we need to work through and allow the bad things to be in our life before better things can come. 

Reality is that when something is good be happy. If it is not good it is ok too. In fact even be grateful. Because there is a chance the unpleasant can give us some insight, a greater understanding about life.

Wouldn’t it be nice if in life we can face everything and cry and laugh at the same time?



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