We are all obsessed by putting ourself  out there in social media in the form of pictures and telling people what we are up to in much detail. A whole new culture has sprouted and it is contagious.

This is not bad as such but we have to be careful not to get carried away as it is a source of pain. It is never enough this thing that we do. Our need to be seen, our need for acceptance and attention.

We engage in all kinds of behaviour and do all kinds of things which can lead to all kinds of needless problems. Our emotions have gone wonky.

Many are so focused on this way of being because we have created and put a value in this great need for attention and being seen and admired.We have morphed into something unrecognisable.  An empty creature. We are also somehow never satisfied  and constantly on the move for more of the same. Obsessed. Chasing our tail.

There is an unconscious tug of war going on inside. Between who we have become and who we were originally. We sort of lost the plot of life.

We are all infected without exception. It is highly contagious.


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