I read in the news that the United States is intent on fighting terrorism. It needs to be eradicated. It is a big threat. We all live in fear.
On the other hand the so called terrorists never think that they are terrorists. They are freedom fighters.

We are stuck.

The problem is simple but it is very hard to solve. There is a double standard. We all seem to live on an expectation that we can do things to people but people are not allowed to do the same thing back at us.

The United States is fighting terrorism by being a terrorist. They accuse others of crimes that they them self are also committing. Worse still they justify their crime.

The so called terrorist also commit acts of terror and they are also being attacked and oppressed. It is a double standard. They think that what they are doing is justified but what is being done to them is wrong.

We all live in a world of double standards. It is everywhere. It is something that humankind invented. It became the standard. Originally life was not like this. Originally there was no such thing. Life was good. We created a mind made obstacle.

This is why we are stuck and if things continue to be as it is and everybody is stubborn and proud then it will come down to this. My tower cannot be taller than you tower. I would rather burn down your tower and also risk having my tower burn down together with yours. Everything burns down. So be it. Nobody will have a tower. Sad.

Alternatively, maybe we should have some understanding of ourself and others and also cultivate some respect for everything. Try not to be a hypocrite. Do not be twisted.

If you look carefully there is nothing. But there is also something. It is a kind of deadly, lethal kind of fluff. This something is OUR SELFS.




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