Kindness as a way of life is fine. It may be a painful way to live though. There is no reward. It is good to be kind.
Just make sure it is not self serving.

Kindness and compassion are just words. It means that we are actually doing what is a part of the natural order. (heaven,fate,destiny). It is so natural such that when you see a person in need in front of you, you reach out and help without a thought and expecting nothing in return. After the act is done you let it go. It is like in a forest, the rains will come and water the plants and the trees.

Doing good deeds you get karmic luck. But it has to be the true stuff.

Your balance is always your own. Karma, the balance is not about good deeds but thoughtless spontaneous deeds. That happened to be something the puzzle needed. It just happened at the right place and time. serendipity, no premeditation. Just out there there is no past, no future. When something happens it just happens. Lady luck has a hand in this.Thoughtless spontaneous deeds that you instinctively do may have been just what a certain puzzle needed. This is what kindness is.  It is not good deed as such.

We must also not overlook the need and importance of kindness to self. But do not over do it. Try and get to know ourself better.



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