There has been a lot of advancement in science but in spite of this if you look carefully humans are never fully aware of how things work. How things really are. They are very unconscious. They do not know how things work and they do not want to find out. They just do not want to know. I think that it is a bad habit. It is something that is deeply ingrained in all of us.

There is a lot of layering. Putting things in places where there is nothing there. We make a lot of fuss about nothing. Getting all worked up unnecessarily. We sort of tied ourself up in a knot and become stuck. We hurt ourself and everybody.

We also do not understand fully the meaning of words. Everybody have their own thinking. They also do not fully understand their emotions. We are addicted to our emotions thinking that it is something other that what it actually is.

Humankind has blocked out a of lot of things that are not nice or painful over time. Each generation adding to the list of things it is reluctant to face. We made up a lot of things in an attempt to explain away things. Things got whitewashed in a way.


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