Look carefully in the mirror. What do I see?

This is where I will start my search for answers. Myself.

I need to find out more about myself. I need a better understanding of myself.

A shoe is a shoe regardless of whether its 10 or 100 bucks. Bata or Nike. Everything is what it is.

There is a  problem. I have been brain washed. Brain washed by education, friends, prejudices, religion etc. I have picked up many things along the way and I have assumed the identity of the sum of these things. My desires and fears are patterned along these lines.

Things are as they are. What is there is there. More than that, when I can see things as they are, I need to understand what this means and apply it to my life and outlook and thinking. Application is the key.

If I do not do this then one day when it is too late I will realize that I have lived a life but I have not lived at all.



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