A shoe is a shoe regardless of whether its 10 or 100 bucks. Bata or Nike. Everything is as it is.

We have added layers upon layers of needless value onto things.

Like the layers of an onion, we need to peel back all the layering that we have added and re look at reality and life.

We have been brain washed. Brain washed by education, friends, prejudices, biases, religion etc. We got carried away. One thing led to another and it never ends. We sort of dug ourself into a hole.

We created a lot of things from nothing and when we do that often enough and if we make ourself believe that what we created is true then the thing we created will become the new reality.

Things are as they are. Nothing more. Nothing less. What is there is there.

This is the problem humans face. There is a gap between what is actually there and what we think is there.

We tell lies to ourself. After a while we are not able to tell what is a lie and what is real. It is not that we cannot see but we see only what we want to see.

We end up hurting ourself and everybody.


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