There are many woes in the world. This is not the problem.

There are many people who are corrupt and manipulative and tell lies. This is not the problem.

What then is the problem? The problem is OURSELVES.

What happened is that we have become a product of the world. Brain washed in a way. It is not who we are but what we have become. We have become what the world wants us to be as taught in school, culture, tradition, mindset, attitudes, prejudices, biases etc. Programed and moulded into a strange self centered animal. We pressure ourself and each other to be that something that the world determined. The truth is that we are not at all like that. We are not that at all. We have become lost.

Look around. It does not matter who or how this world is being destroyed. It does not matter how we destroy ourself. The thing that matters is how I am going to change and understand myself and to respect others in regards to whether their way of thinking is the same or different. This is the sweet spot. It is the spot where everybody falls and fails badly.

Look carefully into the mirror. I need to see the fault not only in others but more importantly I need to recognize that same fault in myself even if it is on a small scale and make sure I do not make the same mistake as everyone around me. Be honest. If we condemn and laugh at everybody for their faults and imperfection then in truth we are no better. Hypocrite. We have clever means to justify everything.

This is the simple truth but it has  become something that is very hard. We think it is not our problem. Someone else is the problem.We are not at fault and there is nothing that needs to change because this is who we are.

The world cannot be a better place if I cannot be a better person. There needs to be respect for each other and an understanding of how things are even if we do not agree in order  for conditions to improve. There is a great need for me to understand myself. Find myself.

The pieces of the puzzle will fall into place if only we can see the simple truth and return to it. 


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