We are all inter connected

We are not seperate but everything and everybody is connected, linked and bound together.

The weavers knit all creation together and we can see a beautiful picture and patterns.

An energy then fires up all of creation. It’s creation’s heartbeat. Hold us all together in harmony and balance.


There is no gap

The stuff that we put in between ourself and others. Is there anything really there? What is real and what is not?

We project all kinds of things onto objects and people and also block out so many things that are there. We do it so often we forgot what is real and what is not.

There is no gap. Everything is as it is.

Not needing anything besides what I have inside myself

As it is.

What if I am without need but self sufficient. Not needing anything besides what I have in myself. In this way no need to strive for something be it happiness, achievement, possessions, vanity recognition, and things we deem valuable.

No poverty, hardship or sorrow or grief

No need to talk about happiness.
Desires become irrevalent

No need to create something out of nothing

What if I can just use whatever is at hand. Things that I need when applicable and not be so attached so that I can put everything down when I want. Freedom.

Be truthful

Why can’t we just tell the truth?

Telling ourself untruths does not only corrupt us but it twists us up and turns us inside out.

Many problems will become unsolvable


We need the courage to face all of life. Both the good and the bad.

We just need to overcome our fears of things unpleasant.

If we can do this eventually many problems will solve itself. Life goes on.