The secret to happiness

The secret to happiness for a start is to stop the double standards that exists in many aspects of life. See it. Zero in and eradicate.

For this to happen we need to be very brave and also truthful. Yes truthful.

There will be no peace within ourself and in the world unless we take a good long look at the double standards that is in plain sight and own up to them.

How do we live with ourself when we do not practise what we preach? We do things to people but when the same is done to us it is unthinkable and unacceptable.

We find happiness when conditions change. When the world changes. Its always something other than ourself that is not right. There is nothing wrong with me. I am a victim.

But the truth is that we find happiness and peace only when we see ourself for who we are. Take a good long look. Could there something that we have missed? The things that are not nice is often blocked and locked up or unconscious. This is what self work means. It is an act of kindness to self.

We need to wake up


The time that we have

We cannot seperate ourself from time. This is how it is.

Time records everything that is happening. It cannot be stopped.

So the obvious question is what do we do with the time that we have?

Once time passes we cannot turn back the clock.

Being mindful only gets us traped. Being a minimalist also goes nowhere. We give up material things but there are a lot of practical things in life that is necessary that needs attention. Religion misleads. Waiting for someone or something to solve our problems is a form of escape. So is heaven. The list goes on.

I think the most productive use of our time is to face our life head on and try to find proper and real solutions to real problems. Fix what we can that is within our means. Fixing one small thing will go a long way if everybody is doing it.

We just need to be realistic.

This is something that is so hard to do. We seem to have forgotten how to be real and realistic.

We need to go back to basics. If not a truck load of problems will accumulate and one day hit us very hard. We have nobody to blame but ourself.

Humans. We want it all

The big picture.

Humans. We want it all.

We dont really want to share.

And when we can’t get what we want we rather destroy everything so that nobody gets anything. So be it.

We often think that we are not like this but realistically we are. It is just a matter of degree.

Its all about our mindset. We brain washed ourself to be like this. All for what? Happiness??

Nothing can never be something

The money that we print and spend is created out of nothing.

This to me is snake oil. A dud.

We just make ourself believe that there is value in the money we created.

People get some of this money by borrowing it. We cannot actually own it as it is an imagination.

What is there is there and what is not is not.

Mankind created a problem. Unnecessary really.

One day everyone will realise that the emperor has no clothes.

What we really need is to have an efficient use of our resources sans greed, waste and corruption.

The elephant in the room

I read in the news that the Pope of the Catholic Church has defrocked Theodore Mc Carrick a former Cardinal and Archbishop of Washington after he was found guilty of sexual abuse over a 50 year period.

This is a first time something like this has ever happened. This is a good thing. A step in the right direction but to me this is not the issue.

There is an elephant in the room.

The question I would pose is how could Mr Mc Carrick live with himself for the past 50 years?

I use the Pope and the Church as an example but it is everywhere we care to look. It is a common practise.

We practise a double standard of sort. What is wrong can be right. We can justify anything to suit ourself.

The more rich and powerful one is the worse it gets. But surely the moral defenders of the truth and righteousness and people in power, banks and politicians should know better. These are the people who should be marked to a higher standard. Punishments should by faster and heavier. But these are the people who get away with murder and rape.

Each and everyone is guilty of this kind of thing that I write about. Nobody wants to own up or change. Keep doing the same thing over and over. Content in our bubble. Wait until we get caught or not.

This is the elephant in the room. This is the problem we need to face and solve. Ourselfs. How we can lie to ourself knowing it is wrong and justify it. Making an exception for ourself.

This is worse than just telling a lie. We should not wait for someone to tell us it is wrong. We should self regulate. Be accountable to ourself so that we can face ourself and live with ourself. Justifying and making an exception for ourself something we know that is wrong is the worst kind of bad.

I think by doing this we may have missed the whole point of life. Caught up in the lie. Too busy with it. No time to live. We became the lie. Alive but not living. We hurt ourself and everybody. Sad.

And a lot of people need to go to jail

The devil

There is no devil. This is a lie we tell ourself. It is a form of escape. There is no devil but ourself.

Mankind has a bad habit. We love to lie. We tell lies to ourself and everybody so often we have forgotten what is a lie and what is the truth. We hurt ourself and everybody.

I read in the news that a certain politician Mr A saying this. That a genuine recording of him was fake because ” telling things the other way around is not a lie.”

Mr A went on to say that he had not actually lied but had only failed to tell the truth. Infact Mr A did lie both on facebook and to the camera as he himself admitted.

Intially when the uncomfortable truths were revealed these truths were put down as a ” trival matter” and a “waste of time”, “something that is contocted by enemies”.

Further when pants are on fire the deceit was justified because the damaging recording was a threat and telling lies was needed by the political party to strategise to protect the party.

Isnt that always the reason why people always lie ie. To further their own advantage?

We are all guilty of telling lies. Each and everyone of us. And strangely we are not good at cover ups.

We don’t owe anyone the truth. We owe the truth only to ourself. If humanity cannot own up and face up to the truths that is in plain sight then nothing can ever be resolved. We will always be twisted and turned inside out.

Telling lies we hurt only ourself. We are burried by lies and deceit. To what end? All for what?

What a painful way to live.


God? There is no God. There is nobody who know what he is doing. Everybody makes mistakes. Everyone have regrets.

Nobody will come and save the world. That is fanciful thinking. The reality is not like that. Believing in God is a kind of escape. We love to run away from things.

What we need to do is to face up to our problems and solve them. Being truthful and practical is a good place to start. The direct route is the best and easiest way. Nip it in the bud.

At the end of the day it is all up to mankind. Things can be good or bad in the extreme.

What do we want? If we want things to change we need to make wiser choices. What goes around comes around. We reap what we sow. What you give is what you get. We have a choice. Make a good one

Why the world is in such a mess

Everyday when I read the news there is only one thing that everybody is obsessed about. GROWTH. Growth comes in many forms. From wanting to be bigger, better, stronger, more beatiful. To having millions of youtube followers. Or wanting to be rich and powerful.

This has caused everyone to become anxious and depressed. It has caused governments to be aggressive. All for what?

Why are we chasing our tail?

What mother nature has given us is all that we have and all there ever will be. What is there is there. That is all.

Its just a matter of distribition or redistribution.

How to solve our problems

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it.” ~ Amelia Earhart

It’s not that we cannot see. Everybody can see. But nobody is willing to get out of our comfort zones. This is where we set our limits. We cannot accept the truth and we cannot change. Nothing is wrong. This is why we are stuck.

We end up, in denial, unconscious, blocking up, making excuses, build walls, create mind made obstacles, blame, judge and become pious, tell lies and run away from issues that are staring at us. We just cannot bite the bullet. We hope that someone else will do it for us. They won’t.

We complicate everything.

At the end of the day and with the wisdom of hindsight after the world is destroyed, I think that facing the problem straight on is the simplest and easiest way. Even though it may hurt a bit.We just need to be brave and truthful.

It’s not difficult. We make it difficult.