“The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance.

It is the illusion of knowledge”

Stephen Hawkins.

Don’t go chasing after knowledge. Things will come to you when you need it. You get just enough. No excess. Things clicks together the pieces of the puzzle and understanding will come. What you want to do next is up to you. If you want better outcomes then you need to make wiser choices.

Knowledge is transient. Knowledge for the sake of knowledge has no application. Chasing after it means you are chasing your tail.

Knowledge that is given to us is there but not everyone can accept this knowledge. They only accept knowledge where it is acceptable to them.

For me, I often think that I know things but I don’t. Not really. Human thinking. It is just mere arrogance. Gets in the way.


Law of equal and opposite reaction

In everything that we do there is an equal and opposite reaction.

When we push at life, life will push back right at us in equal measure. If I am a bully there is always a reaction. Tough with tough. We will encounter many problems. Nothing is as we expect it to be. We often do not get what we want. Nobody forgets the wrong done. We cannot ever take it back but let it run it’s course. The way forward is not going to be easy if this is how we operate. We will only get frustrated even when we get our way. Satisfaction is illusive.

In life there is always pay back and a kind of retribution. Backfire of sort. Consistently so. The harder you push the harder the push back will be.

At the end of the day what do we get out of this kind of thinking and this way of life? At the end of the day we end up hurting ourself. We get what we deserve. The reality is that in whatever we do everything will add up to zero. There is no gain or advantage.

Nothing and something both are true

There is nothing. But there is also something. Both are true. What is this something?


Can we go back to Nothing? We can as much as we are able. But never completely. Nothing and something will always be there.

What is expected is that we can within our capacity change our mindset. Change ourself, blend in and work with the realities of life. Be a better person all round. This is why we are here. To learn this.

We need to try to learn to be someone who is balanced, practical, truthful, mature, responsible and brave enough to face all of life. Not just the nice bits.

As you can see. It is not myself but ourselfs. Everyone has an individual responsibility to sort himself/herself out. Just myself. Nobody else. Nobody can change me but myself.

Simple enough yet so very hard.

Life is all about relationships

Life is all about relationships. There is no getting away from this.

Optimally how I will be to you is just the way I am to myself.

Love. What of it? You can love but you do not have to. Life is not all about love. Love is an aspect of life. There is much more to life than love.

It is not necessary to be nice and you also do not need to be unkind. That is all. It is not being indifferent but caring enough not to spoil.

If you choose to love then you must try not to let love eat you up. The clinging, the grasping, the manipulation, the control and the unacceptance. This is not love anymore. It becomes painful. Real love needs to be free.

We always want things to be something other than what it is. We will never get the thing we want. It is illusive. What we need to do is just to work with what is in front of us. What we have. It may not be ideal but that is all we got. We can try and make it work. Make the most of things. If that is not possible then let it all go. Walk away. A non relationship is also a kind of relationship. But first we should try our best to make it work.


Just like everything else in life. Everything is as it is. What is. Is.

Silence is silence. It is not ment to be explained but experienced. We often over think. It is a habit.

Inner silence is a felt sense of being that has nothing to do with the noise but our reaction to that noise.

We are fond of layering. Reality gets distorted. Peel back the layers of the onion. And look again.

Re connect to the ‘What is’ that is life. See it. Experience it. Silence. It has always been there. Things are not as it seems. Things are not always as we think it is.

Consciousness explained

Consciousness is something that is often misunderstood. Consciousness is who we are. We are conscious beings. It gives us our sense of self. The essence of our being. We are all unique conscious individuals.

Consciousness is made up of three parts. It is made up of our memories, our experiences and knowing. Knowing is intuition, understanding and conscience. We know a lot of things. We do not always know why or where it comes from. We just know.

An event is an event but how it is imprinted into our memories, how we experience it and what we know can vary. It is subjective and unique to the individual. This is why there is a self.

In reality, we are infinite beings. Our consciousness is as big as the universe. It is fired by an energy. The same energy that fires all creation. No words can describe this energy. But because of attachments we have limited ourselfs. We are no longer open. We have become small minded. We even deny the existence of a self even though it is in plain sight.

A sense of self is just a sense of self. A proper understanding is a good thing. We often make it into what it is not. If non self existed nobody will be around to talk about it.

Consciousness is not unique to man. There are many things that have consciousness. Inanimate and animate. Consciousness is not limited by the body and it is always there.

Forgetting who we are

If we spent our life concentrating on what everyone thought of us, would we forget who we are?

What if we no longer can tell the difference between what is real and what is not anymore?

What if the face we showed the world turned out to be a mask. A mask that we put on everyday so often that we became the mask? And beneath the mask there is nothing there?

We pressure each other to conform to some arbitrary man made standard. This is not who we are. We are not like this at all.

Why are we doing this to ourself? To what end?


We must picture hell as a state where everyone is perpetually concerned about his own dignity and advancement, where everyone has a grievance and where everyone lives with the deadly serious passions of envy, self importance and resentment CSLewis

The universal truth ‘As it is ‘ when applied to life means to me that we do not live life doing what we think is right but maybe we should live life doing only what is needed. We are often obsessed and busy ourself making a lot of fuss about not much. We hurt ourself and everybody.


The more effort we put in the more we will get out of life.

If we practise at being angry then we will become angry. If we find fault then there are many faults to find.

If we practise at being happy, then we will be happy. If we live life from one experience to another then that is what we will get.

For me I like to practise self mastery. I want to deeply understand myself and life as it is. Not as I think it is but as it actually is. What is. Is. There are many things that are as it is. So there are many things to discover.

I try to understand my emotions. I also try to understand my mindset and my personality. I want to observe my mind, how it works. I try to be conscious of my unconscious habits and behavours and all my triggers. I need to look at all my defaults. The attitude that I often deploy. The pre programmed little sub routines that is me. My auto pilot. Things that I do without much thought.

The sum of everything that I am reveals a lot about where I am headed in my life. Life is a process. Things do not just happen suddenly. Not much is left to chance. We are all where we are ment to be.

There is much to discover about myself. I just need to take time out to look. It is well worth the effort.

This life we live. We need to live it responsibly. We need to live it masterfully. This is the mark of self respect and kindness to self.